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so, we should be doing a release for comment Real Soon Now

as i see it, the primary open issue for MCP 2.1 is the presence or
absence of, and the precise semantics of, the mcp-negotiate-end
message.  i'll add a first pass at this today and send out more mail,
but this is a call for everyone who has open issues before the first
comment release (probably to whatever form of moo-cows is currently
extant -- maybe just cluecows?)  I'm going to set an arbitrary
deadline for comments of next friday (6/20/97); this isn't
hard-and-fast; if there are clearly significant objections to widening
the discussion at that point, i'll be more than happy to wait.
similarly, if it's clear we're all agreed BEFORE that point, it'll go
out early.  i'd prefer earlier, rather than later, of course.  so, if
i've forgotten some significant issue (and it's possible -- even
likely -- i have), please state it now.

additionally, when i do the announcement, i'll be moving the spec to
our external web server here at AT&T.  this is mostly because it feels
more right to have it here; the northeastern location is primarily one
of convenience.  i'll let you all know well before the move, and until
then, it'll remain at http://www.ccs.neu.edu/home/dave/mcp2.html