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Re: Equiv of single-line value verses a multiline value with one line

 > I think Dave said "yes" and I said "no" and nothing was resolved.

actually, what happened was that i said "yes", erik said "no", and, as
usual, i changed my mind.

right now, the spec says this:

Multiline values are generally used to represent lists of items; for
example, lines of code or quoted text. Implementations should preserve
the line divisions implicit in multiline messages so that protocol
implementations may make use of this information.

i'd kinda like to change 'generally' there to 'frequently'.  and fix
the punctuation.

 > Could we leave this up to the implementation?  I think with a few simple
 > rules to eliminate ambiguity, we can.  Of course, I don't know exactly what
 > those rules are.

we probably could; i kinda like the simple multiline-implies-list
rule, but i'm not married to it.