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Re: [EDITS] special values

Let clarify my comment.  The value of the authentication-key: cannot
be an <ident>, and therefore must be an <unquoted-string> because
a string of digits in not an <ident>.


> In the description of mcp authentication-key:
>  #$#mcp authentication-key: 18972163558 min-version: 1.0 max-version: 2.1
>  This message indicates that the client supports MCP, versions 1.0
>  through 2.1, and indicates that the authentication key for the session
>  is 18972163558. Note that while this particular key is composed
>  entirely of digits, the authentication-key argument need not be
>  numeric, and may be any value which matches the syntax of an <ident>.
> The value associated with authentication-key: should be either an
> <unquoted-string>.