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Re: slightly updated spec

>i'm still
>trying to figure out an appropriate name for section 2, which is
>currently titled 'the mcp specification'.

i suggest "mcp message specification".

>totally unhappy with the text introducing this section, and there
>probably needs to be a little more textual glue between it and the
>preceding section

i think it's fine, except for this sentence:

>The second, the mcp-cord package, is a system for multiplexing
>communications channels in MCP's single channel, essentially providing
>multiple MCP sessions over a single connection. 

i would say "communication channels".  i don't really like the word
"multiplexing" here; i might say: "The second, the mcp-cord package,
allows the creation of multiple communication channels within MCP's
single channel."  finally, i think the "multiple MCP sessions" clause
is inaccurate, redundant where it IS accurate, and likely to be
confusing in any case (although it seems cords are doomed to confusion
anyway); i'd take it out.