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spec freeze

so, per discussion on waterpoint and here, i'd like to declare the
spec frozen, pending an official release next thursday, february 26.
while i know some folks (particularly richard godard) had some issues,
i'd like to push those off for either a 2.5 or 3.0 release.  we need
to get people just implementing this.  it's been long enough, and
we're not getting any younger.

mostly-verbatim-quoting jay from waterpoint:
I propose that we publish the spec February 26.  Over this next week,
please send mail to mcp-dev indicating whether you approve of the
current specification.  Those people agreeing with it will be listed
in either the authors or credits section.  Those disagreeing can
complaining; if there's  something *fatal*, ie, a problem that makes the
spec unimplementable, we'll reconsider the date; otherwise the
complaints will have to wait for the next version.
(end quote)

'unimplementable' here means truly killer bugs.  not things that make
parsers tricky, and not things that would like nicer someplace else.
something that would render MCP truly useless.

i should also point out that, even if you don't want your name on the
spec but you agree, you should post noting that; this includes if
you're currently listed as a contributor and want not to be.