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yet another attempt at finalisation

so, erik has suggested that we make another attempt at calling MCP 2.1
complete.  primarily what this entails is deciding to call a
moratorium on any further updates to the spec (except possibly
_extremely_ minor spelling and grammar fixes), and announcing the spec
as complete on moo-cows, possibly also adding links from places like
www.moo.mud.org.  i'm pretty sure we've reached the point we can call
it official.  the only suggestions i've seen recently (since making the
changes rog suggested) are jay's comments about users versus players,
and mine about changing all references to "MCP messages" to be just
"messages" as in the diagram.  both of these are of sufficiently
little impact on the spec that i'm inclined to punt.  any objections

anyway, if there are objections, speak now or etc.