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[proposal] improving cords


Most applications using cords I can think of typically start that way
1) opening a cord (of a given type)
2) initializing some data associated to the cord

A couple of problem arise:
a) there is no atomic way to do those two operation 'atomically'
b) the cord is useless until both side got those data initialized

One thing that would solve that problem would be to make a new version of
the cord package which support this extended mcp-cord-open message

mcp-cord-open (_id, _type [, arg1... argN])

Where arg1 to argN are optinal simple or multiline keyvals used to
initialize the cord.

This would be very helpfull for implementations that decide to implement
the cords as objects (or some other abstract data type) since providing the
initial values upon creation avoid the object to be in some undefined state.

Comments?  suggestions?