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Object Variables

If you want to save any information about an object, you have to put it in an object variable. Object variables are the parts of an object that contain values.

Every variable holds one piece of data. This information can be a  string: "The duck bites your leg", an  integer: 4, a floating-point real number (or just  float): 3.1412, or an object name: $player_zeppy. Each of these is a  data type. There are actually many more data types, but their use is beyond the scope of this tutorial.

There are certain object variables which exist in any object; the list of messages is one example. A list of methods is another example.

 @add-variable <object>,<variable_name> [= <value>]
 @set <variable_name> = <value>
[give example of how to create and modify a variable]
Neale Pickett <zephyr@nmt.edu>

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