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Creatures 3 / Docking Station
Agent OverviewDescribes the three different types of file you need to make a new agent - images, sounds and scripts.Difficulty 1 / 5
Genetics Tutorials PDFA series of 12 tutorials designed to give you an easy start into the world of genetic engineering in the Creatures 3 game. [1, 2]Difficulty 1 / 5
Balloon Maker TutorialA tutorial on object making in Docking Station - designed for the novice. Quite long, though! [1]Difficulty 3 / 5
Distributing COS FilesHow to make COS files available for others to use in their worlds, without everything going hideously wrong.Difficulty 2 / 5
Create .agent files for DS and C3Considerations to be made when making an agent file for both Creatures 3 and Docking Station.Difficulty 2 / 5
Using the Map Editor - Part 1Covering how to create an addon map document, rooms and boundaries.Difficulty 2 / 5
Using the Map Editor - Part 2Metarooms and their place in a CAOS world: what you need to add to a room to make it usable.Difficulty 3 / 5
Making Eggs for DS and Docked WorldsHow to use PRAY to create an egg file suitable for use in DS and C3-docked. [1]Difficulty 2 / 5
C3 / DS Chemical ListThis is a full list of all chemicals in C3 / DS, good, bad or indifferent. Difficulty 1 / 5
How Creatures Sense Their EnvironmentOr, ... oops, I wonder what this tube does? This article covers what you need to know about how a creature senses its environment and acts upon it.Difficulty 1 / 5
GendiffThis command line program will compare two different C3/DS genomes and create a list of all the differences between them. [1]Difficulty 1 / 5
Biochemistry SetWant to find out what's going on 'inside' your Norns? The Biochemistry Set will help you! This utility allows you to monitor the chemicals inside your creatures. [1]Difficulty 2 / 5
Images and AttachmentsThis article details the formula used when creating image files and attachments for brained-creatures. [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14]Difficulty 2 / 5
Reproduction - The GenesThis CDN article provides detail on the genes involved in reproduction, and how they work together to produce the desired phenomena.Difficulty 2 / 5
Genetics KitThe Creatures 3 Genetics Kit is the most advanced application available for Creatures 3 and Docking Station today. [1]Difficulty 2 / 5
Brain in a VatAn advanced tool for those of you who enjoy watching the brain in action. [1]Difficulty 3 / 5
GEN File FormatWhat a Creature genome file consists of.Difficulty 3 / 5
GNO File FormatWhat a genome description and comment file consists of.Difficulty 3 / 5
How Pigmentation WorksInformation (and pseudocode) to show how pigmentation works on creatures and agents.Difficulty 3 / 5
Classification and ClashingThe very basics of the the Creatures Classification System.Difficulty 1 / 5
C3 and DS Cheat SheetA selection of useful CAOS commands and debug shortcuts for Docking Station and Creatures 3. [1]Difficulty 1 / 5
Catalogue FilesCatalogue files are ways of storing text externally to your script file.Difficulty 2 / 5
Attributes of AgentsExplanation of the attributes available to agents, and how physical properties work.Difficulty 2 / 5
CAOS Plugin for VimWe provide a syntax highlighting file for the text editor VIM. Under Linux you can also use this to inject CAOS commands. [1]Difficulty 3 / 5
Perceivable ClassificationExplaining how classification works, and what CDN_Categories to use.Difficulty 3 / 5
PRAY MistakesHelp with the common problems people have using PRAYBuilder and creating .agent files.Difficulty 3 / 5
CAOS DebuggerThis CAOS code debugger lets you browse running agents, inspect their variables and step through code as they run it. Also monitor output from DBG: OUTV and DBG: OUTS and more! As used by Creature Labs developers. [1]Difficulty 3 / 5
CAOS Language GuideHow to get a full listing of the CAOS commands acceptable to your engine.Difficulty 3 / 5
Runtime Error MessagesDescribes error messages that you are likely to get while developing agents, and gives suggestions on how to solve common problems.Difficulty 3 / 5
EventsWhen something happens in the world, how does your agent know about it? This CDN_article tells you.Difficulty 3 / 5
CAOS ToolThis tool is a professional quality tool that allows you to do all things CAOS related. [1]Difficulty 4 / 5
PRAY BuilderThe PRAY Builder tool helps create PRAY files on Linux or Windows. [1, 2]Difficulty 5 / 5
REVELATION PRAY ToolWant to know what's inside an .agent or .creature file? Here's how to find out. [1, 2]Difficulty 5 / 5
C16 File FormatThe techy lowdown on what a C16 image file consists of.Difficulty 3 / 5
GIMP Sprite PluginWhere to find a GIMP plugin which lets you edit Creatures sprite and background files, and to the source code for a sprite editing library. [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7]Difficulty 3 / 5
Inject CAOS from LinuxExplains the protocol used for talking to the game engine while it is running. This lets you inject new code to change or monitor agents and the world.Difficulty 4 / 5
Map EditorThe Map Editor is a highly graphical tool that allows you to create new metarooms or alter existing ones. [1]Difficulty 4 / 5
SpriteBuilderThis tool allows you to view/edit c16 and s16 image files. [1]Difficulty 1 / 5
easyPRAYWhere to find Tina Hirsch's great tool for making .agent files. [1, 2]Difficulty 3 / 5
Linux Console UtilitiesA collection of external applications written in Bash script, to monitor, debug and control the Creatures Engine while it is running. [1]Difficulty 4 / 5
Catalogue Checker ToolDumps a list of tags within a set of catalogue files. [1]Difficulty 4 / 5
Full Classifier ListA list (as of 2009) of classifiers.Difficulty 1 / 5
Overlays... how do you dress yours?Difficulty 1 / 5
CAOS Tool IntroductionA walkthrough of the various features of the CAOS tool.Difficulty 1 / 5
CAOS Data TypesThe Creatures 3 engine (unlike C1 and C2 before it) now has a concept of a data type within the CAOS language, and these types must be correctly used.Difficulty 1 / 5
Miscellaneous TidbitsDetails about error logging, windowed mode, autokill, wolf control, XY position, room ID, CAOS command line, and quitting without saving.Difficulty 1 / 5

Docking Station
Undocked Map FileThe original 2er file used to create the Docking Station map. This is only useful for those of you with the Map Editor who overwrote it by mistake. [1]Difficulty 2 / 5
Favorite Places in DSA new system of creating the 'Favourite Places' icons along the top of the screen. No scripts needed!Difficulty 1 / 5

Creatures 3
Making food objects for C3Need some extra food for your Norns? Don't like the Shee issue food that came on the space ship? Well, create your own! Grab images from anywhere you like and bring them to life inside Creatures 3. [1]Difficulty 1 / 5
Making a Vendor for C3In this tutorial you can learn the basics of making a vendor - an agent that produces other agents. [1]Difficulty 1 / 5
Making a Toy for C3A simple toy can be made by *anyone* ... even if you're not an artist you can probably make something completely original that has never been seen before! [1]Difficulty 1 / 5
Making Agents for Creatures 3How to make a .agent file that will work with Creatures 3. [1, 2]Difficulty 2 / 5
Making Eggs for Creatures 3How to use PRAY to create an egg file suitable for use in Creatures 3. [1]Difficulty 3 / 5
Permanent Variable UsageHow the OV variables were used (mostly) consistently within Creatures 3, and what they were used for.Difficulty 5 / 5
Diseases and ToxinsA list of diseases and toxins found in Creatures 3.Difficulty 1 / 5
Drive ListA list of drives that includes drive number, neuron number, and chemical number.Difficulty 1 / 5
Creatures 3 ChangesAn account of new genes, gene changes, and new / improved systems for Creatures 3.Difficulty 1 / 5
Genome VersionsA brief explanation of the changes between various genome versions.Difficulty 1 / 5
Genetic StimuliAn explanation of how genetic stimuli are used in Creatures 3.Difficulty 1 / 5
C3 Bootstrap V2Commented COS files for the Creatures 3 Update 2 Bootstrap. [1]Difficulty 1 / 5
Cellular Automata NumbersA list of the CA numbers and names found in C3.Difficulty 1 / 5
Compound Parts - IntroductionAn introduction to agents with multiple parts. Part of a series on PAT commands.Difficulty 2 / 5
Compound Parts - PAT:BUTT... which has nothing to do with harassment, but is very useful for providing buttons. [1]Difficulty 2 / 5
Compound Parts - PAT:CMRA... smile, say cheese and wait for the results to develop. (An introduction to cameras.) [1]Difficulty 2 / 5
Compount Parts - PAT:DULL... the boring part. (Independent animations.) [1]Difficulty 2 / 5
Compound Parts - PAT:FIXD... being a part that displays text. [1]Difficulty 2 / 5
Compound Parts - PAT:GRPH... lines, graphs, whatever next? [1, 2]Difficulty 2 / 5
Compound Parts - PAT:TEXT... the bit for entering text.Difficulty 2 / 5
Connecting Agents ... little machines that do their own thing. But is the whole greater than the sum of the parts?Difficulty 1 / 5
Room Types ... breaking the world into logical groups.Difficulty 1 / 5

Creatures 2
In Game SpecificsHere you will find interesting bits and pieces about the game as shipped.Difficulty 1 / 5
World Building BasicsWhat is the world? What is a room? Why are they needed and what do they do? Difficulty 3 / 5
CAOS Language GuideDocumentation of the commands available in the Creatures 2 CAOS language. [1, 2]Difficulty 2 / 5
Allocated ChemicalsThere are a limited number of chemical slots. This is a list of known allocations.Difficulty 1 / 5
Random Pearls of WisdomA gathering of information concerning the CAOS language and it's usage in Creatures 2.Difficulty 1 / 5
Object Making BasicsThis will explain the basics behind making an object for Creatures 2, and what it means to be an object.Difficulty 1 / 5
Creating a COB for DistributionInformation on the protocol of COB (Creatures OBject) making.Difficulty 2 / 5
Altering Physical PropertiesThis tutorial will create a simple object that uses the sprite for the beach ball.Difficulty 1 / 5
Behaviour, Attributes and EventsIn this tutorial we'll explore the different settings for behaviour and attributes - bhvr, attr and actv - and some simple event handling.Difficulty 1 / 5
Animation and MovementThis tutorial will explore the movement and animation commands available.Difficulty 1 / 5
Advanced Event HandlingIn this section we'll deal with how you can trigger events from a different event script and how to create your own events.Difficulty 2 / 5
Compound ObjectsThis tutorial deals with Compound Objects.Difficulty 1 / 5
BlackboardsThis tutorial will explain how to create a blackboard object for teaching new words to creatures.Difficulty 1 / 5
Creature Variant AllocationThere are a limited number of variant slots for all 4 potential genus of creature. These are the ones that are registered.Difficulty 1 / 5
File Format DefinitionsGeneral terms and definitions found in the file format articles.Difficulty 3 / 5
EGG File FormatDetails the format of EGG files.Difficulty 5 / 5
Sprite (S16) File FormatDetails the format of .s16 files.Difficulty 5 / 5
Agent File Format (COB)Details the format of .cob files.Difficulty 5 / 5
Image File Formats (555/565)Details the difference between 565 and 555 image formats.Difficulty 5 / 5
History File FormatDetails the history file.Difficulty 5 / 5
Game Log File FormatDetails the format of the gamelog history file.Difficulty 5 / 5
Biochemistry Decay RatesDetails how half-lives are calculated.Difficulty 2 / 5
Miscellaneous Genetics InformationImage Planes, Sprites and Attachments, Sprite FIle Arrangements, Pose Genes, and the Seven Stages of Norn.Difficulty 3 / 5
Creatures 2 OLE InterfacesBits and pieces that will help you create tools for Creatures 2.Difficulty 4 / 5
Registry EntriesVarious registry hacks for Creatures 2.Difficulty 4 / 5
Species ListA complete list of all the plants and animals in Creatures 2, their chemical make-up and Latin name.Difficulty 1 / 5
Creatures 2 COB CompilerMake your own COBs with this complier. [1, 2]Difficulty 1 / 5
Brain Lobe NumbersJust what the title suggests...Difficulty 3 / 5
Creatures 2 Genetics KitThe Creatures 2 Genetics Kit is the most advanced application available for Creatures 2 today. [1]Difficulty 3 / 5
Creatures 2 Sprite WorkshopA tool for creating S16 sprite files - essential for making new objects for distribution as COBs. [1]Difficulty 1 / 5
Creatures 2 Attachment EditorThe Attachment Editor allows graphical viewing and editing of Creatures attachment data. [1]Difficulty 2 / 5
Creatures 2 CAOS ToolThe C2 CAOS tool is a professional quality product - all of the Creatures 2 agents were built by CLabs' Agent Engineers using it! [1]Difficulty 3 / 5
World Engineering InformationHere you will find information about the physical world of Albia; it's rooms, environment and attributes.Difficulty 3 / 5
Creatures 2 Room EditorThe Creatures 2 Room Editor is a powerful tool that allows you to construct your own maps for Creatures 2. [1]Difficulty 3 / 5
Menu Option Command ValuesSYS: CMND allows you to trigger menu option, the meaning of which are explained here.Difficulty 5 / 5
Genome Downloads / HistoryA collection of official and third-party genomes. Official genomes include changelogs, of sorts. [1]Difficulty 2 / 5
Egg MakerWith this tool you can create a new egg that will appear in the Creatures 2 hatchery. [1]Difficulty 1 / 5
Genetics MapperCompare the genes of a creature with those of its parents or any other creature. [1]Difficulty 1 / 5
History ViewerAn application to view and manage the history of a world. [1]Difficulty 1 / 5
MultiMashA general-purpose development tool that combines some useful macro shortcuts with a selection of monitoring aids. [1]Difficulty 1 / 5
RGB ConverterConvert RGB to 24-bit color specifier. Useful for blackboard objects. [1]Difficulty 1 / 5
What is a COS File?Explains what a COS file is, how to make one, and how to turn it into a COB.Difficulty 1 / 5

Creatures 1
Creatures 1 Genetics KitThe Creatures 1 Genetics Kit is the most advanced application available for Creatures 1 today. Get it, and become a Creatures Genetic engineer! [1]Difficulty 1 / 5
CAOS GuideTwo documents listing the Creatures 1 CAOS language. [1, 2]Difficulty 4 / 5

All Games
Pose gene informationHow the 15 character string for the Pose Genes are derived. Applicable to all versions of Creatures.Difficulty 3 / 5
Creating Agent ArtHow to create art. Although created for Creatures 2, this tutorial could easily be adapted to Creatures 3 agent creation.Difficulty 1 / 5
The TARG ObjectThe concept of TARG is an important part of the CAOS language, read up about it here. This article applies equally to all Creatures titles.Difficulty 4 / 5